I’m watching one of my favorite shows as I’m writing this. Room Service with Sarah Richardson. She is going (decorating style) Indonesian. Interesting. This was one of my early trips. 24 years old, my first year of marriage I went to Indonesia for 2 weeks pretty much by myself. I didn’t even know where it was. I remember calling my friend Michele and telling her that in 4 days I was taking a 20+ hour flight to Sumatra. She got out her globe to tell me where it was (above Australia). How crazy! I went because a free ticket came up from a friend out of the blue and I had a current passport.

It was so interesting spending Easter in the largest Muslim populated country in the world. And it was during Ramadan. The Muslim time of fasting. I learned a lot about an interesting and beautiful culture. One of my favorite memories was breaking the fast with a Minangkabau (Indonesian) family. They are known for their hospitality and their spicy hot food. The hotter the better. And it is totally different spicy that what we are used to here. Any way, sitting on the floor, eating family style, with our hands. And me eating a lot of rice to temper the hot pain going on in my mouth, and drinking a lot of warm water. Which I think might be boiled to get rid of some of the bad germies. But the family was generous and gracious and took pity on me!

Good times. Good times.


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