I still have to tell you about my trip. First of all, it was so great to be there with my son Q. He was so funny on the plane asking about why the seats float and what the yellow life vests are for and what pops out from the panels above our heads. All these questions were asked at a louder than normal voice. So everyone else sitting around us could hear these questions and, more importantly, my reply! No saying the word “crash”. These things are used for if the plane is landed in the water. He thought they would be used for jumping out of the plane like his cousin Victor.

so mature

Q also had the window seat and brought his binoculars to use and look down on the world. No those really aren’t ants. He was a lot of fun to be with and I love being his mom. He really did seem to mature over the six days that we were away.

There was also a lot of great food. My sister Judith is a great cook. I love it how her cooking looks effortless. She makes great Thai food. We have a great time going to the 17th Avenue Market in Tuscon. A lot of great international food. I always buy something with Hello Kitty on it! We also went out to a fantastic Mexican brunch, with the Sanchez family (I love them!), at the Uno Mas Lounge. That is the name of the bar, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant (Judith if you remember the name, leave me a comment). It was all authentic Mexican food, which I had been dreaming of since I made my plane reservations. The kids all ate hamburgers of course.

party food

And then there was the party food. Which is also a favorite of mine. I love to nibble all day on the little bits and get a chance to talk to everyone. Who all thought I was my sister Judith (I hadn’t met most of them before)! Which, while she is older than me, she is thinner. Any way, the day after the party, leftovers are great too. With margaritas.

The shopping. I went to a quilt shop with my sister Mary, called The Quilt Market. I bought a lot of fat quarters of fun fabrics from Kaffe Fasset, which I can’t really find to much of here. The colors and patterns are so vivid and wild, I love ’em! They are so un-katie jean.

Need more pictures? Check out my flickr. And thank you to friends Karen and Kronk. And thank you family, Grandfather, Gram, Jeff, sisters, and my brothers. Next trip might be Idaho or maybe Nebraska. I know, Wild Thang!


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