baby teeth


I picked up William today from school. He had lost tooth #3, a top tooth! He was on recess and skipping rope when the handle hit his mouth and knocked the tooth out and it flew through the air. No one could find it. But I did get a cute picture of him. I think kid smiles with missing teeth are so cute. He asks me if he looks silly. I tell him he looks just like a six year old should!

What is so funny about him loosing his teeth, is that I have never seen one of them. The first bottom baby tooth that he lost was during the night. When he woke up it was gone, and no where to be found. And then he said that his throat hurt! Uh-oh!! I called the doctor and they didn’t call me back until the next day. So by then I figured out that if he did swallow it, it must be alright, and he probably wasn’t the first kid to have done it!

When he lost his second tooth, the exact same thing happened! No kidding. So I started to tell him that if he was hungry in the middle of the night, not to eat his teeth. That he should wake up and get something else to eat!

Crazy kids. They make my life interesting.


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