day four


The weather is changing a little bit here and has been cloudy lately. So I took these pictures inside. This photo is of 3 onesies, each appliqued with a vintage men’s monogrammed handkerchief, “f, s, n”. I have been holding on to these for awhile and have finally used them! I love the white on white look. Can be either for a girl or boy.

Last night I was at the Spring into Style event and loved it!! My friend Rene came with me and was such a great support (thanks girl!). The location was so nice and I had a great spot, right in the middle of everything. The crowd was there to buy and I practically sold out of my cuddle blankets. It was funny, being in San Francisco, there wasn’t hardly anyone there who had kids. Everyone was buying for a friend! I had a fantastic time and hope to do it again.



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2 responses to “day four

  1. I’m so glad the event was good! I do love to go to the bay area to sell! It’s so much easier than here in Sac. Good luck with your project a day! I only made it 4 days when I did mine! LOL! Then by day 7 I was caught up… not missing projects, just missing posts! LOL! I’m enjoying reading it! It was fun hanging with you at Fibertastic!

  2. Congratulations on a successful show!

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