his pride, her prejudice


Or is it her pride and his prejudice? I finally watched the last installment on PBS. Soo good! Even though I have seen it like 3 times of this version with Colin Firth. I still love it. Especially all of the underlying meanings of words, and those looks that could kill (his first proposal). Oh yes, and unrequited love. That is my favorite, the angst of love. And there is always the person that is not who they seem! Jane Austen is really good at that.

Next week on PBS is Emma. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow in that part? “I hate George! I love George!” Or is it John? Isn’t it funny how you remember certain parts of movies? and that is how I always think of Emma now. Gwyneth has such a good British accent that I didn’t realize she was an American for the longest time, duh!

Ok, my real favorite all time movie. This is the one that I never tire of and watch it quite often, when nothing else will do, and is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Bridget Jones’ Diary. Bridget is so awkward and always does the wrong thing, not at all like Elizabeth Bennett. But it makes me cringe and laugh all the way through it. The book is just as funny too. I laugh out loud when I read it, which has been awhile.

I hope you catch some of this Jane Austen movie fun on PBS. Now every Sunday night when I am putting my kids to bed I go “Oh! It’s Sunday night, Masterpiece Theatre!” Yah!! I know, my life is very simple that this is what I get excited about!



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3 responses to “his pride, her prejudice

  1. Yes, I’ve watched this miniseries numerous times plus the other movie adaptations of P&P and I think this is the definitive version! I look forward to Emma and S&S coming up…but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit, not next Sunday but March 23.

  2. jennifer

    HI Katiejean… So funny to see this movie on here… While I sew I listen to audiobooks on my ipod… and am listening to Confessions of a Jane Austin Addict byLaurie Rigler… and there are so many references to Mr’ Firth and his tight pants… I thought it was funny to see it here. :)

  3. I love that version of Pride and Prejudice! I alternate between reading the book every two years and watching the miniseries on DVD every two years. I didn’t even bother with the Keira Knightly version because I don’t think the book can be handled properly in a mere two hours.

    Emma with Gwynth…another good one!

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