sunny day


It is finally a sunny day! Yesterday was sunny too, but then it rained so hard last night. My husband got up to go to work this morning and his car was frosted over. Crazy weather. He had to scrape the frost all off and then his car wouldn’t start. He will be working a half day today. Right now he is running to a shop to buy a new battery.

Did you watch football yesterday? I did. Mostly the commercials! Love those, except the one’s that are really sexist. Like Victoria’s Secret. They really are just soft porn. Just my opinion.

Anyway, I wish I was sewing on Sunday instead. I visited my favorite fabric shop on Saturday. And spent 3 hours there. Emma and Sharon keep me not only supplied in some cute fabrics, but they inspire me and motivate me. Thanks girls! I left with some cute vintage patterns and cute (of course) baby flannel. I hope to make a new coat for my Molly made out of some barkcloth that I bought in Alameda. It has some fabulous, huge blue flowers on it. And Sharon showed me just the pattern that I was looking for. Except that it is a pattern for a jumper. I will need to modify! That should be interesting and fun to see when it is done. Hopefully in time for Easter.

Well, back to sunny day! I was able to take some pictures, finally, of some new shirts that I have made. All one of a kind and made with vintage fabric yo-yo’s and vintage buttons. I made 5 different ones, size 2T – 5T. I hope to post them on my etsy shop today. Enjoy!


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  1. You inspire and motivate us too, Katie! Oh, do you know about Katrina’s Lace in Folsom?? I think we all need to take a field trip! :-) Oh, and thank you for the info on the tablecloths!! very interesting.

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