neat idea

The SF Indie-Mart is over. The location, a bar, smelled like a bar. Reminding me of a frat house. It was even dark inside. And a rainy day outside. Everyone was young and very cool. A lot of tattoos, piercings, and black hair. Yes, I did feel a little square (just like a suburb mommy should). And I had the best time! Everyone was so nice to me, and helped me find my place. There were 40 vendors there, almost all handmade. It was fun to see what everyone else makes. A lot of it having to do with feathers. And a bunch of other stuff I did totally love.

I only saw three babies and I had to stop each mommy to say hello. The people who came to the Indie-Mart were ready to shop and buy. My blankets were the top sale of the day. There were cheap beers and bloody mary’s to be had. Although I did not partake, I thought, what a great way to shop! Maybe coffee and a scone would be more my style!

Ok the San Francisco Indie-Mart was a good time. Will I go again? Maybe during the San Francisco summer.



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2 responses to “neat idea

  1. Haven’t you heard the saying “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”?!

    Well, it’s true.
    I’m glad you had fun, can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Katie! I’m glad you had a good show! Hope to see you soon – are you going to the Folsom Quilt & Fiber Show?

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