I am addicted to British television. With no new shows on TV and now we have some new AT&T U-Verse (whatever that is, that Jeff got installed). I have been searching out new channels to watch. And there really are too many! I can only really remember the kid channels. Until I finally found one that I luv. Every week night for the past two weeks at 10:00 p.m. I have been watching BBC America and this great show “Coupling”. We have figured out that it is the British version of “Friends”. Which I was also a huge fan of from day one. But British comedy is so different and funny. Plus they use different words for sex than we do. I heard “snog” used recently. And the accent is always great, they sound so posh! Which always make the guys look cuter than they actually are.

My other “British” addiction hasn’t been going on as long. PBS is showing Jane Austen, Sunday nights, Masterpiece Theatre. The first week I watched “Pride and Prejudice” and last night was “Northanger Abbey”. I can’t remember what’s coming next. I think it’s about a young girl with little money and some guy that eventually falls in love with her despite some earlier misunderstanding. They are so fun to watch, even though I know what’s going to happen (yes, I used to read). I don’t know how many they will be doing. But what a great way to start the week, unrequited love, sleeping with a guy that has no intention of marriage, a little innocent romance.


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