the winner


This has been a long week. I bet it has been for you too!

The winner of the handkerchief Christmas stocking is Sarah! I wish you the merriest of Christmases! Especially for your littlest girl. I know how fun a babies first Christmas can be, especially for Mommy, finding all of the perfect little gifts. There is so much cute stuff that they “have to have”, so many traditions to begin. It sure can be a lot of fun.

All of my own kids Christmas stocking are handmade out of black felt. I had a lot of it left over one year from making bat wings for a Halloween costume. I then tried to applique a special picture onto each one that made me think of each one of them. One loves dogs, one loves the snow, and one is an angel. Actually, they all love dogs and the snow! My husbands’ and mine each have a gingerbread boy and a gingerbread girl. I love hanging them each year and seeing my kids get so excited about which one is theirs and what little details they like.

On my stairs, I have hanging some older stockings. The first ones I made, my first year of marriage. One that is knitted, from my mother-in-law, that she sent us for our first baby. One sparkly stocking for our baby girls’ first Christmas from her Gram. Jeff’s childhood felt stocking, and my Snoopy stocking that I got as a teenager from my sister.

What does your stocking look like?



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2 responses to “the winner

  1. Black Christmas Stockings! I love it. Plus they are slimming. ;)

  2. Mary

    the stockings are beautiful – when I find mine I am going to send you a photo. I still have the one mom made for me for my first Christmas. The stocking matched a dress that she also made. It was red with white hand embroidery on it. I love them both and her handwork was AMAZING!!

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