holiday expo’s and home parties

I just finished an all day holiday expo in Folsom. It was a lot of fun and at a really nice place, Bridgestone Racquet Ball Club. All of the usuals were there like Silpada, Pampered Chef, and Cookie Lee. I had a great spot by the child care drop off. And met a lot of nice girls who had a lot of nice things to say about my collection. Thank you especially Christie and Mickey!

My friend Rene from Arbonne was also with me. We had some of their baby products with us. It is great stuff that I still use for my own 3, even though they aren’t babies so much anymore. Arbonne offers so many great skin care products for all ages, even your man! Arbonne has no animal bi-products, which means they are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. I noticed results immediately and have never been so excited and pleased with my skin care products before.

Beginning in January we will be booking home parties together, katie jean and Arbonne. When hosting a party in your home, you will receive 15% off your katie jean order placed at your party and you will receive a free gift from Arbonne. Also, with every $250 of retail order placed, you will receive $100 of free products of your choice. Email me if you are interested in booking a party,


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