’tis the season

ok, so it might be a bad idea to start a new blog during the holiday season. Since this is the busiest time of year for shopping, it turns out to be a busy time for me to be sewing. I haven’t had time to update my blog, which can be a good thing. But I do feel guilty for neglecting it. When I usually blog at night, I am now knitting. My gumdrop hat supply has gotten low and now with some finally cool weather coming upon us, it is a good idea for me to get to it and get busy. And there is so much cute, fluffy yarn out there for me to use and make cute, fluffy little hats.

I have also been making some custom christmas stockings for my neighbor. She picked out some really cute fabrics that are very un-christmas. I think they are really celebration stockings, especially good for birthdays. There is nothing sweeter than waking up on your birthday morning than to find a cute little gift stuffed into a stocking tied with a bow to the foot of your bed.

The stockings have been fun for me to make too. I have made at least 10 of them, but every time I sew a new one I have to remake it in my mind. It is a pattern that I have made myself and now I think I need to write the instructions down so it’s a smooth process. This would make so much sense to do. Would you like a tutorial? hmmm…



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2 responses to “’tis the season

  1. A tutorial? No. But I would like a Sugar Skull Celebration Stocking!

    Is the paperdoll stocking already spoken for? Erin doesn’t have an xmas stocking yet.

  2. Yes, this one is for my girlfriend. But I do have more! lots, lots more!

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