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I have been in bed pretty much all day. Sick.  So I have been cruising around here on my computer.

 It’s a wonderful way to spend the day.  But only one day! 

So I thought I would share just a little bit of some embroidered beauty that I have found.

Maybe I should be doing some embroidery instead!  All images can be found here.  Enjoy!


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Well you know that I went to Quilt, Craft, Sew.    I went not just one day, but two!  The first day was with Claire and her two girls.  My own girl came along too.  She is used to her mom looking at fabrics and shopping!

First, it was a smaller venue then what I thought it would be.   And so many of the vendors were not local. It was fun asking where everyone was from!  One vendor came from Florida!  There were also people selling jewelry, snacks, cooking spices, and makeup.  And the big bummer, parking was $10.  But, remember I did come back for a second day!

Yes, we had a great time.  I mostly bought fabric that I don’t find locally.  Mostly Heather Bailey fabric!  She has such bright, vibrant, fun, colors and patterns.  I saw people just so excited, seeing her fabric for the first time!

I also bought a few books.  Like I need more of those!  I did get this one called Quilts Japan.  Which I just had to have for the great inspiration!  Such great pictures!

becky & me

I bought some fabric squares from Becky.

I picked out some cute vintage images, that were already on fabric and permanent from Patti.

And I bought my HB fabric, trims, and a cute pattern from Beth.

There was more of course on the second day out with my mom.   She bought a gadget for her back and the fasturn (pic above) for us both to use.   Yes, I will go to this show again in 2010.  But I would love to be a vendor there myself!  Maybe with g&g!  And despite their being a recession, people really were out there shopping.

Did you go too?  And what did you think, have a good time?


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get out

IndieSacramento Virtual Flier

This great shopping event is today!  Over 30 vendors will be there, together with swag (some good free stuff) hot cocoa and coffee.  It is a beautiful sunny day in Sacramento, so you really should get out!

IndieSacramento Virtual Flier

And for February, a new location!  This one looks like fun too!  I hope to see you there :)

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out and about

You know those spec cases that I had on my to do list?  Well I finished them and delivered them!  They turned out cute, all made from vintage tablecloths.  I just love that fabric!

And while visiting with the girls at The Tin Thimble they were unpacking a very special box, a big box filled with new Amy Butler fabrics.  Merry Christmas!  And just look at what I bought!

Aren’t they just beautiful?  It was so hard to pick out just two of them.  Sharon and Emma also had all of the coordinating solid fabrics in the line to go with each print.  Which you really need, because Amy uses such unique colors in her fabrics it makes it difficult to find it any where else.

And isn’t this wonderful!  They have more!  I only bought one yard of this great vintage piece of fabric.  Does it remind you of some of the new fabric designs?  Everyone gets their inspiration somewhere!  I don’t even know what I will be making with this, but you know I can’t pass up something so fun.  And you have to buy what you love when you see it because it might be gone tomorrow.

This is another vintage piece of fabric.  These are my two favorite colors.  It’s paired up with another Amy Butler solid, making a great match!  This green solid didn’t photograph very well and is actually the same bright green as on the bright green apple on the bottom right corner.

This is a fabulous piece of bark cloth that Sharon brought out to show me.  It was made to be used as a curtain panel.  I just love barkcloth, especially the florals like this one.  The colors are so funky!  I am getting quite a collection of these fabrics, that I am holding onto and waiting to find the perfect project for.

After all of that fabric shopping my girl and I had lunch out at Newcastle Produce.  The best place for local organic fresh produce and the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!  Then we walked over to see Jim Anderson and his antique junk shop.  A great place to visit where I always find something that I can’t live without.  And this day was no different.  I bought the biscuit jar on the left for $9.00, and it’s in great condition.  It did have a wicker handle on it, but I don’t think it was the original one.  It seemed a little long so I took it off and it sits on my mantle a little better too.  All of these are marked “made in Japan”.

You should plan a day of fun in Newcastle, California.  It’s a cute town that remains untouched by the growth surrounding it.  And has a lot of little spots for you to explore.


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G&g aprons

Here are two of my cute half aprons, made for the December Glitter & grunge.  The first one is made using a vintage tablecloth.  I have also made a dress, coasters, and a specs case using this same fabric.  It has gotten around!

pink floral half apron

It has little pockets across the front for cooking utensils or craft supplies.  And it comes with a matching hot pad, made just for play, not intended for real kitchen use.  It is even all trimmed up with some pink ric rac, it’s hard to resist!

The second apron is made using a vintage tea towel.  I just fell in love with these retro colors and the graphic nature of the design.  Someone even took the time to crochet the edge in blue.

blue half apron

It too has deep pockets across the front making it perfect to keep your spatula handy and ready to use.  I also made a matching hot pad, made just for pretend play!  The hot pad can be hung from the vintage button at the waist.

Have fun looking at G&g.  There are a lot of talented artists, and a great chance for some unique Christmas shopping!


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holiday shopping


Glitter and grunge is a featured advetiser on the Modish Holiday Gift Guide. So what? you ask?  Well, when you go and check out their ad on the gift guide, located under boutiques, you will see a special discount.  Great, no? Yes!  Happy shopping!

glitter and grunge

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to market, to market

I love the internet!  I feel like I can be online all day!  And if you are like me :) than you are going to be doing some of your Christmas shopping online too.

So, I have started advertising more for all those holiday shoppers.  If you go to Vintage Indie Market you will see my new ad there under Children’s Shoppes.  I have a special discount there for 10% off if you shop using my vintage katie jean shop over at etsy. Over the next few days I will show you some other fun and new places to shop!

Plus, I hope you all had a fun Halloween!  I would love to know what everyone was dressed up as.  My own were pretty funny.  I might sneak in an extra post to show you a few of my snaps!

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craft show updates

I have some photos for you from the craft fair I did at College Greens. And some info on where I will be this weekend. But I think you will like some pics first and learn a little bit about who I met there!

This is Colleen, the College Greens craft show organizer. She made these super cute Christmas stocking for a vintage quilt that she had in her home. Only $7! No, I did not buy one, but I did buy something else from her that I will show you, sometime.

Say hello to Claire from Little Lovelies. Also the brains behind Glitter and Grunge and Handmade Parade. Did I remember everything? She had the cutest table set up with these pretty feather trees, hung with handmade Christmas ornaments. See her blog if you would like to join a crafty ornament swap.

My sweet and supportive neighbors came out to see me. Maggie, Katie, Marilyn, and me (Katie again).

My booth neighbor Tina Leanne Jewelry and Fine Arts. We arranged a swap, and I got the cutest earrings made with silver circles and amber stones. I have been wearing them almost every day since!

Some of my things from the booth, you can tell what a beautiful day it was.

I even ran into my friend Maria from high school. Isn’t that cool? She has a great business, Plants N Rocks, where she sells succulents. Most are in these cute small containers and some are in larger arrangements. I love succulents because they can last longer than most plants without water. And I am really bad about watering my outside potted plants.

This is Sharon from Flights of Fancy. She takes vintage suitcases of various shapes and sizes and decoupages them with different cut out pictures. So the suitcase looks like it has traveled the globe.

And this crafty girl is Stacey Ball from bouton blue where she makes crafty accessories with vintage buttons. I bought some little hair pins and and ring from her, it will all make into my girl’s stocking at Christmas time. And the extra cool thing about Stacey is that she has a second crafty business, Sinnet Ball, making toys and accessories for dogs. Cute huh!

And last (but not least of course!) is my aprons. Don’t they look pretty? It was such a nice morning!

If you are interested in learning more about any of these talented ladies and their info isn’t listed, go ahead and email me and I can pass it along to you. Thanks for looking!!

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Now that my boys are back in school, it was time for me to catch up on some of my shopping! The girl and I went to see some of our favorite girls at The Tin Thimble. You know they are always an inspiration to me and this time was no different. I went there to buy some cute vintage Christmas fabric with poinsettias on it that I had seen before. I needed to make some Christmas stockings of course! But after talking with Sharon she helped me decide on some beautiful less traditional fabric.

I think I love them even more than I would have because the stockings turned out kind of fun and quirky! The fabric looks like stained glass, I think.

While there, Sharon also showed me some of her own most recent finds. And this one is beautiful!

It’s all yo-yo’s made using bark cloth. It’s just in fabulous condition and the colors are all so beautiful. It would be really pretty in a post modern home, hung carefully on the wall like a piece of art.

And they also are selling my spec cases. Each made using vintage tablecloths. Nice, huh?


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a little bit more


I have just a few more things to share with you about my trip to Tucson. First, one of my favorite places to shop for vintage is 4th Avenue. I always come home with barkcloth, and hankies. This time I also found two really cute vintage tea towels. One to cut up and the other is in perfect condition. It is so cute that I won’t even use it myself. My kitchen towels always end up a mess with stains.

So, here are the names of my two favorite shops that I always have to stop at. Desert Vintage (fantastic business card, pink and green with cactus) 636 N. 4th Avenue (520)620-1570. How Sweet it Was 419 N. 4th Avenue (520) 623-9854. Both of these shops are great if you are looking for a costume too. We got a little fringe vest at Desert Vintage for Q, who has to wear a pioneer costume for a school field trip.

And here is the present we got for my brother-in-law’s retirement present. My neighbor, Steve, has this great sign business. I just looked over at his banner website and picked something out and then he added a custom background for me. It was delivered via Fed Ex the morning of the festivities. So when Dan went out that morning to make a quick trip to the airport, we were able to put it up. He saw it when he came home with his friends. It was a perfect surprise. And we got it in plenty of time for the party. Thanks Steve!!

the coughlin girls

And thanks to my sisters for such a great time. It feels like a special gift every time we get together. I love you.


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